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This page has several vocabulary links that include the story about the Achilles’ heel myth, an historical story about alcohol, a poem about blind men and their interpretations of what an elephant is like, another poem about the cremation of Sam McGee, a story about anaesthesia (anesthesia), a Latin-Greek story for your translation and learning (with quizzes), an alphabetical listing of oxymora, and another list of pleonasms (redundancies), and information about the special book titled, Words for a Modern Age, A Cross Reference of Latin and Greek Combining Elements (arranged alphabetically in thematic units from English to Latin-Greek elements or Latin-Greek elements to English lists. All of these links provide access to advanced-English vocabulary sources for long-distance learning.

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Achilles Heel, the Myth

Alcohol, the Story

The Blind Men and the Elephant, a sensory poem

Cremation of Sam McGee, another sensory poem

Facts about Anaesthesia

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A fishy taleIktho Story, a “Latin-Greek” story to challenge your English vocabulary knowledge

Cross Reference Searches

Oxymora Introduction and Alphabetical Listing

Pleonasms or Redundancies

An ancient Egyptian hieroglyph.   Scribe Hieroglyph, Explained

Book image for vocabulary lists.   Words for a Modern Age, A Cross Reference of Latin and Greek Combining Elements (English to Latin-Greek elements or Latin-Greek elements to English)

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